In September 1991, Aura Daye and Bernie Mason invited local women to a meeting at a nearby church to determine if there was interest in forming an a capella four part harmony chorus in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Aura and Bernie were members of Sunshine Express, a chapter of Harmony, Inc. in Deland, Florida. They however lived in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, a round trip of fifty miles on a winding, two lane road each time they went to a rehearsal, performance and/or meeting.

Fifteen women appeared for their first meeting and that was the beginning of Harmony Sound Waves. In October 1992, having met all the necessary requirements, Harmony Sound Waves received its charter as a chapter of Harmony, Inc.  The charter presentation was held in Longwood, Florida at Aura's daughter's home to make it more convenient for other Florida chapters to attend.

The chapter's first director was Joe Derosa of Lakeland, Florida.  He, in turn, recruited David Byrd of Orlando, Florida and they became co-directors.  Due to their work schedules and traveling distance, rehearsals were held on Sunday afternoons.  Over the years the chorus has had a variety of directors, some with barbershop experience and some with other musical experience.  Their current director, Greg Patterson, has held that position longer than any other.

In April 1996, under David's direction, Harmony Sound Waves placed first in the Area 6 Chorus Contest.  Also, that year for the firt time the chorus received the Most Improved Chorus Award.  They have earned that award five more times to date.  In 2016 the chorus was the recipient of the Pizzazz Award, presented to the chorus with the greatest improvement in Presentation scores.

This chapter has produced several quartets over the years as well.  In 1997, Harmony Connection placed first in the Area 6 Quartet Contest.  The following quartets have placed first in the Novice Quartet category:  1997 - Tidal Waves, 2002 - Southern Lights, 2013 - Tropical Blend.

Throughout its history, Harmony Sound Waves has been known as a chapter that makes welcome all women who appear at their rehearsals and makes every effort to provide education and training for those who want to learn to sing better.